One Menu

One menu is an easy-to-use app for your customers. What do they have to do? Simply visit your restaurant, scan the QR code, search for your restaurant using the search engine and they will have instant access to your menu. The fun part is that once your customers have downloaded the app they can access your menu at any time and any place, even at home. This limits waiting time because your customer can decide on their order before visiting.

Paradise Scrap

Paradise Scrap is a global recycling organization and scrap brokerage. Paradise Scrap is founded founded on the principle of “Recycle for all it’s worth,” the mission at Paradise Scrap is to rid our planet from Scrap waste that can be recycled.

Paradise Scrap collects Steel, aluminum printing plates, Copper (Red or Yellow), electrical wires, Batteries (Car, Truck, and Boat), and cooking oil. Paradise Recycling offers a free service to collect these materials directly from your doorstep. All pickups are done absolutely free of any charge!

To help paradise scrap fulfill their vision, we created a hassle-free mode of communication with their clients. The paradise scrap app, an easy way to schedule bookings to recycle material. Paradise scrap app users can gain insight into how much they are recycling and follow news through the blog. The app is easy to use and intuitive, users can instantly see how much they will receive for providing recycling material, choose a date and time that suits them best, and much more.

Visitor registration

Create a unique visitor experience with two applications that work together. As soon as the visitor logs in at the desk, the host is alerted via the app. They simply click ‘on my way’ and the app informs the visitor that their host is on the way. Still busy when your visitor arrives? Just hit ‘snooze’ and you’ll get a reminder five minutes later. Or whenever you want. And your visitor? They’re reassured.

Is the meeting over? Then you can easily sign your visitor out with the push of a button. Can the host not pick up their visitor in time? Then they can forward the visit to a colleague and ask them to take care of the visitor. For impeccable service!